Skirting Board Ideas

Skirting boards are not only used to guard walls against harmful agents but are also used in different homes as a decoration element to instill elegance and an inspiring feel. Depending on the design concept used, a skirting board can make a room look uniform and obscure little gaps between floor and the ceiling. Skirting boards are conspicuous and make an occupant of the room feel relaxed. Apart from adding beauty and warmth to a room, it can add depth, detail, and richness in a room.

For tips on how to design your home using skirting board, check out these unique ways to modify the beauty of your home using this artistic element of design.

Choose a mono color

Using multicolor on walls and woods can create a fussy unattractive outlook. Using a single color on the walls will make the room look simple, and create a strong look. A single color such as white will make a room look bigger. You can paint your skirting board to be selfsame with the ceiling or you can use a different color to make it eye-catching. Dark colors, when used on walls of the hallways, can make it longer and thinner than it appears. Any other type of color can be used for the skirting boards. The main aim is to make them stand out regardless of the color of the interior of the room.

Play With Color

Nevertheless, that a single color can make your skirting boards look outstanding, using multifarious colors can match the other decorating elements of your room to make it appear exquisite. Not just random selection of colors but carefully choose colors to avoid conflict of the hues of color. It will be well suited for your room to pick two different designs with similar themes to avoid contrast. Going dichromatic on your skirting board can make your room look lovely and charming.

Use a Theme That Compliments the Design of Your Room

Many homeowners fail to grasp the understanding that it is imperative to use a design theme that will go well with other designs of your room. It entails going for a skirting board that will be unique with your room. If your room has a modern style design, you should go for a modern skirting board in designing your room. For Victorian or old looking homes, go for a design that will preserve the traditional looks of your home.

Accentuate with Wallpaper

You can paint your room with some light colors and layer the skirting boards with light paints. This will give the room a soft touch and feel.

In homes, skirting boards can play an immense role in seeing that its aesthetics is pleasing to the eyes. Be sure to adopt these tips in seeing that your home becomes more stylish, grand and sumptuous. Fortify the looks of your home by playing with color and use single colors that you desire and make your home look the way you want it to.

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