Do It Yourself – How Do You Put Skirting Boards On?

Many handymen jobs can be managed on your own. Some of them may not be that expensive but it does not harm to save money where you can. Installing skirting boards is one handymen job you can do on your own. In this post, we will guide you how to install skirting boards through a DIY method.

You will need certain information on how to proceed along with knowledge of the tools required to finish the job. These tools will help you measure, cut, and install the skirting boards. If you use the right tools and follow the method properly, you can complete the job almost with a professional finishing.

Skirting Board

Why Install Skirting Boards?

Before you decide to follow the DIY method, it is important to understand why walls need skirting boards. You will commonly find these boards installed at the joints where the walls meet the floors. They help fill gaps, protect the base of the walls, and cover up the imperfections. However, there is decorative skirting as well. These can add an aesthetic dimension to your rooms. If you are thinking of skipping the installation of skirting boards, you might want to reconsider given the above information. Also, you don’t have to worry about spending too much money as you can easily install them yourself using the following method.

DIY Method of Installing Skirting Boards

Follow the step by step method:

  • Measure the wall to cut the skirting boards accordingly. Remember to measure and cut twice. You should use a handsaw to draw a straight line across the skirting board
  • Cut the skirting board along the markings you have made. You will need a miter box and handsaw to cut the board at an angle of 45 degrees. This first piece should match the profile of the board
  • Next, you should cut a scribed joint. This makes one end of the board match the profile of the other. This will ensure the boards join together seamlessly. You will need a coping saw. Follow the 45 degrees cut in the board made previously. Start cutting from the bottom towards the top along the line of the painted surface. According to the changes in the line, cut in and out. As you get close to the top, cut away from the board so you can make a lip that will fit over the top of the other skirting board
  • Measure the wall for the first skirting board. Cut board at 90 degrees at both ends. Locate the wooden frames behind the wall using a stud finder and install the board with a nail gun. Ensure it is flush to the corner. Cut the scribed joint board according to size and install it against the first so it fits seamlessly. Use the nail gun to secure
  • Repeat process until all the boards have been installed

If you are worried that you can’t complete the project safely or with good finishing, you still have the option of hiring a professional.

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