The Biggest Interior Design Trends Of 2019

Interior design styles and trends change more than you may think. But while, in the past few years, we’ve seen many interior trends come and go (think rose gold, marble and ship lab), we’re now seeing a shift towards more timeless interior design styles that stand the test of time.

Upcoming trends are seeing a real move towards individualism. People are moving away from minimalistic styles. A grey minimalistic colour palette is shifting to a “new neutral” with a warming of colour trends as well as a look to bolder and earthy tones. We’re starting to embrace a more expressive and individualistic design style in 2019.


People now want their homes to be an extension and an expression of their own unique styles, and less like a page in a magazine or a cookie-cutter approach to design. As interior design styles become more affordable and inspiration becomes more accessible and apparent with the rise of social media, people are becoming bolder and braver when it comes to design choices. Because of this, colours are becoming more expressive and unique.


Room design has shifted in recent years to focus more on the bathroom and the bedroom as personal sanctuaries to unwind and switch off from today’s technological connectedness.


So, what are the biggest interior trends of 2019, and how will you see them coming to life in your home, whether you’re renovating, building or just updating your interiors? These 10 styles will give you the inspiration you need to revitalise your home.


  1. Re-imagining neutral interiors

Grey has been a huge trend in recent years, accented with baby pinks. But we’re seeing a shift away from this. While this palette will certainly still have a place, particularly in more modern homes, neutrals are really warming up as people start to embrace more natural tones in the home.


According to the Dulux Colour Forecast, earthy greens and terracotta are in, blending the outdoors seamlessly with the in. Apricots, oranges and pinks are also having a revival, with last year’s Millennial Pink trend sticking around.


In this Three Birds Renovation, panelling is used to create a more textured look which juxtaposes a variety of textures; the marble table, thick, textured rug and wooden and canvas furniture. This room design speaks to the essence of modern feminine design; tactile textural elements paired with a subtle colour palette tied together with corals and the “dirty blush” paint colour.

  1. Plants take over the interior space

The biophilia trend will continue, as we seek connectedness with nature, particularly with the rising discourse about sustainability. We’re looking to add plants everywhere, but more specifically, we’re adding greenery in the home office, office and bathroom spaces, as well as seeing a rise in tactile, natural materials, like wood and stone.

  1. Concrete interior surfaces

As well as stone, kitchens, bathrooms and public spaces are beginning to embrace the use of concrete in flooring and other surfaces. In the home, the harshness of concrete is often paired with softer textiles and other contrasting materials.

  1. Textiles infiltrate the home

Textiles are everywhere as a response to harder materials. We’re seeing this in the rise of everything from rugs to curtains, bedding, upholstery and even wall hangings in an attempt to soften harder, more minimalistic spaces and bring a feminine edge to modern minimalism.

Rich textiles like velvet create warmth, particularly in the cooler months, but work well in warmer weather, too. But instead of using it in traditional royal blues, greens and burgundy, we’re seeing velvet in softer, more natural colours like baby pink, apricot, and earthy shades like green and neutrals.

  1. Interiors moving outdoors

Indoor furniture is increasingly being used as outdoor furniture as we look for versatility in the home. Building and renovating trends are seeing the indoor space moving seamlessly to the outdoor, with the rise of open, alfresco areas.

Expect to see “webbed detailing, slinged-back chairs and turned legs on tables” rise as an interior to exterior trend in 2019.

  1. Smart and clever interior design

The lack of space and affordability in housing sees the rise of clever interior design styles to incorporate multi-purpose areas which are stylish yet functional.

As homes get smaller and the trend of tiny homes continues to rise, the need arises to ensure that every aspect of room design, (even the smallest spaces), are maximised. This means alcoves turned into wine storage or desk spaces, under stair areas being utilised and corners and wall spaces being adorned, or shelving added for displays.

This is a trend that can be easily incorporated into renovations or remodelling, with the application of clever innovative designs or on-trend cabinetry.

  1. Resort style at home

The Hamptons style look has been a trend that has refused to go away and will always remain timeless. This trend will continue, but we’ll also see a move to Hamptons resort-style interior spaces moving outside to alfresco and pool areas, as people desire to bring their holidays home. This style has always celebrated the fusion of indoors and outdoors as people look to create comfortable, on-trend entertaining areas for the summer months.

Hamptons-style wainscoting with a neutral colour palette will be seen accented with pastels or warmer, more natural colours, or a monochrome base of white and black, or black, white and grey, which continues to remain popular.

  1. Re-imagining of the kitchen and bathroom

We’ve already predicted the rise of gold hardware and matt black in kitchens and bathrooms as a major trend for 2019. We’re starting to see regular bathroom and kitchen colours inverted, with interesting bathroom vanities; perhaps due to the rise of the “selfie” and the “bathroom selfie” and bathroom shots on social media.

Here, we can see multiple trends on display; a return to modernity and minimalistic monochrome, paired with raw, bare walls and touches of shiny metallics.

With this, we’re also seeing colourful kitchen appliances alongside pastels, and pops of colour in the kitchen space. This teal green cabinetry with an inlay mould by Three Birds Renovations is a perfect example of reimagined minimalism. Just add some gold hardware and matte black taps and you’ve got a sleek and crisp design that will stand the test of time.

  1. Bold rich accent colours for your interior spaces

According to the Dulux Colour Forecast, interior design styles will also see a return to traditional vintage colours like wines, orchid blues and bold greens as well as deep purples, used either as a feature wall, or alongside crisp white wainscoting.


This deep teal green paint is offset perfectly by white wainscoting which, styled with wall art in antique gold frames, results in a textured and classic vintage look with modern touches.


  1. Murals

Murals are also making a comeback in interior design styles, as we seek to express our individualism in the home in new and creative ways. We’re seeing styles like the one below; smaller, detailed and unique murals, beautifully crafted to work around the star-shaped window.

But we’re also seeing much larger murals on feature walls, which work to offset simple minimalistic styles.

What do you think of these 2019 interior trends? Will you be incorporating these into your next renovation, or even using design cues to redecorate?

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