Ten famous interior designers in the 21st century

Trends come and go, the inside of any building or home today has a completely different look and feel compared to 20 years ago.

 As a designer, to stay current, they need to adapt to this fast-paced industry. From bold prints to imaginative, intelligent and inspiring designs, these ten famous interior designers are known for their modern and individual flair.

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler

An American designer from the mid 1990s built her reputation in California as part of the hotel industry. The New Yorker described her as “the presiding grande dame of West Coast interior design”. Kelly Wearstler has a playful, elegant and Beverly Hills look that changed the interior of boutique hotels around the globe. She also has had some A-list celebrity clients including Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani and Stacey Snider. With a preppy eclectic style, Kelly adds a great individuality to any room.

Peter Marino

The designs of Peter Marino embodies the wisdom of late Renzo Mongiardino. A well-known designer from the US as well as an Architect, Marino believes in the seamless integration of both architecture and interiors and also happens to be an aesthetic polymath. The interior work of Marino adds a modern and clean look and feel to any room, whilst also adding warm with great lighting.

Victoria Hagan

A New York designer, Victoria Hagan has been in the industry for 25 years and is respected for her intelligent combination of architecture and interior design. As part of her work, she features the refined use of material, colour and strong silhouettes. Her portfolio consists of mainly luxury residences, focusing on detail and the classic American style.

Alberto Pinto

A Paris based interior designer, Alberto Pinto works in spaces including apartments, corporations, hotels, jets and yachts. He has built his designs from influences in his childhood where he mixtures genders from more than baroque to very bare. From classical to contemporary, intimate to gigantesque, Pinto has a talent of combining high quality with the feeling of comfort to create inspiring spaces.

Alan Wanzenberg

With an authentic style and standout features, the New York architecture and interior designer has an array of residential projects. These styles include barn-like stone manors, country homes and honey-toned apartments with 1930s Parisian features. Strong, bold colours are a key to any of Alan Wanzenberg’s feature work.

Emily Summers

From contemporary and luxurious designs to using unexpected material, creating custom pieces, Emily Summers is known for combining 20th-century furniture and decorative objects with her custom material. Summers has been known to mix textures including the use of soft wool carpet with board-folded concrete walls or Venetian plaster alongside plainly finished wood. This designer is also recognised for her involvement in urban planning, museums, high education and historic preservation.

John Barman

It’s all about colour with John Barmen. The NYC interior designer is known for his work on airy high-rise apartments where he splashed bright art, textiles and accessories to brighten up any space – or known as glamorous op art modernity!

Deborah Oppenheimer

The South African designer, Deborah Oppenheimer’s exceptional designs leave a feeling of pure serenity. As part of her space, she has been able to master the art of understanding materials and communicating moods through visuals. Oppenheimer is a travelling designer, putting her creative flair on the map! The use of striking lighting, elegant soft accessories and understated furniture, Oppenheimer’s spaces are open, symmetry and the light and dark features give the modern appeal.

Jeremiah Brent

An American designer who was born with an artistic talent is a self-taught designer with no formal training. With his own design firm in LA and NYC, Brent specialises in residential, commercial and hospitality spaces. He is also known for taking on the position of assistant to A-list stylist Rachel Zoe, where he starred in her television show and got access to working with VIPs. From luxurious penthouses to super chic nightclubs, Brent is known for his fresh interior design work with clean colours and subtle vintage accents, as he follows his mantra “interior design, like fashion, is art we live our lives in”.

Joseph Dirand

A French born designer, Joseph Dirand is a top French interior designer based in Paris. He is known for his ultra-modern designs with a bloodline of artists in his family – his Dad a photographer and mother a fashion designer. Dirand works in private residential spaces as well as exotic hotels and luxury retail stores around the world. With the use of marble, minimal colour, loads of light and well-spaced furniture, Dirand’s portfolio has loads of modern attitude.

With a wide range of style, colour palette and an eye for design these 10 are known for their exceptional work in the modern world of interior designing.

Who are your favourite designers?

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