Category: Interior Design

Trends come and go, the inside of any building or home today has a completely different look and feel compared to 20 years ago.  As a designer, to stay current, they need to adapt to this fast-paced industry. From bold prints to imaginative, intelligent and inspiring designs, these ten famous interior designers are known for […]

Interior design styles and trends change more than you may think. But while, in the past few years, we’ve seen many interior trends come and go (think rose gold, marble and ship lab), we’re now seeing a shift towards more timeless interior design styles that stand the test of time. Upcoming trends are seeing a […]

We have been taught that man is a social being; we are encouraged from all quarters that the outside is good. Yet for centuries man has spent a lot of energy and creativity into building and designing the interior of homes and even offices. Interior design in the past few decades has seen a greater […]